SVARA Donations
Our warmest thanks to all that contribute

  Larry Eichhorn (2024)

Donated by the Family of Larry Eichhorn, wife Karen Eichhorn and daughter Sheron Davis.

On Saturday May 11, the family of Larry Eichhorn of Bay City donated radio equipment to the SVARA club. The donation included a Kenwood TS-850S transceiver, an Icom IC-765 transceiver, a Drake TR-4C transceiver, a Drake TR-4 transceiver, a Drake TR7 transceiver with PS7 power supply, a pair of MFJ 969 tuners, a Versa Tuner II , several power supplies, meters, speakers and test equipment.

We would like to thank Karen and Sheron for their generous donation to the club.

Icom-746 Robert Elliott WD8PKL (2023)

On Saturday February 18 Bob donated some excess radio equipment to the SVARA club.  The Icom radio display is not working and was donated for parts whereas the two power supplies are in working order. We would like to thank Bob for his generous donation.

Icom IC-746 (parts only)
Icom SM-6 desk mic
Icom PS-15 20 amp power supply
Pyramid PS14KX 14 amp power supply

Keith Delong Keith Delong N8XD (2020)

The radio equipment was donated from the estate of the late Keith Delong, N8DX.  We would like to thank Keith's brother Steve for this donation.

Kenwood TH-D74
Yaesu FT-857
Kenwood TM-D700
Yaesu VX-5R
Kenwood TH-F6A
iCom IC-W32A
iCom IC-821
Yaesu FT-897 w/tuner
Yaesu FT-897 w/tuner
Radio Shack HTX-10

iCom IC-P3AT
iCom IC-9700
iCom IC-7610 w/RC-28
Alinco DR-140
Clegg FM-76
Bearcat 350C (5)
ZumSpot /Raspbery Pi
APRS Tracker Kit

KB8TBI Station - Jim Curtis KB8TBI (2020)
25-Aug-2020, Jim Curtis KB8TBI from Saginaw donated his HF station, antennas and accessories to SVARA.  Below is the equipment that was donated. We would like to thank Jim for his generous donation to the club.

Icom IC-737A HF Transceiver
Icom IC-PS15 Power Supply for IC-737A
Standard (Yaesu) C168A 2 Meter HT
Yaesu FT-60R Dual Band HT
Panasonic KX-G2200 Marine Band Radio
Bencher CW paddles
Radio Shack Field Strength/SWR Meter
MFJ Morse Keyboard Keyer
MFJ MFJ-812B SWR/Watt Meter
Butternut HF Vertical Antenna
Miscellaneous ARRL books
Miscellaneous Coax and connectors

This equipment will probably be put up for auction at the February 2021 SVARA club meeting and auction.
Estate of Steve Block, KC8BTE, sk
About 20 HT, Mobile, and Base Station Radios have been donated to SVARA by the Estate of Steve Block.  The club has chosen to keep some of the equipment; auction the remaining items initially to SVARA members, and then later include other area clubs.
Michigan Business & Professional Association donates $1000
Lou Vescio (KD8BLZ) presents a donation from the MBPA to SVARA for $1000.  (SVARA introduced ham radio to 1000's of young kids in the Belle Isle Metro Youth Day sponsored by the MBPA)
Vertical HF antenna from Brian Buckstiegel, N8AVR
A 5-BTV HF vertical antenna was donated to the club by Brian.  Brian and many others have commented that it would be a great portable "fast setup" antenna for field day or other events and emergencies.
Y-Antennas from the Estate of Steve Block, KC8BTE, sk
Various "large" antennas were donated by the estate of Steve Block, KC8BTE, sk.  Two 13B2 - 2 meter beams, and a 2-meter & 70-cm pair of circular polarized antennas.  There is an Az-El Rotor and controller included.
Y-Yagi 2-Meter SSB/FM Antenna - David Schneider, N8ERL
05-Mar-2005, David Schneider has donated a Y-Yagi antenna and rotor for 2-Meters to be used at the Red Cross.  The antenna has dual connections.  One connection is to the CW/SSB 144 MHz tuned,  horizontally polarized portion of the antenna.  The other connection is for the 146 MHz tuned, vertically polarized elements.
Drake HF Transceiver - Joe Turner, K8CQF
24-Feb-2005, Joe Turner, K8CQF has donated a Drake HF Transceiver with power supply and tuner.  The lights come on and the receiver works.  Thanks to Duane Vasold (K8CCE) for refurbishing the radio, and thanks for Dave Schneider (N8ERL) for working so hard to get everything together so it's usable!
Atomic Clock - Keith DeLong, N8XD
22-Feb-2005, Keith DeLong, N8XD has donated an atomic clock for the Red Cross Radio Room.  This particular clock has an option to set the time to the "UTC" time zone. 
220 Folded Dipole - Multiple Contributors
22-Feb-2005, Rick Schattilly, KC8VOA; Steve Block, KC8BTE; Carl DeMeritt, KC8YVI; and Dave Schneider N8ERL all pitched in to help pay for a replacement repeater antenna.  Brad Mellberg, W8QPO was also instrumental by securing a wholesale price.  The previous 220 antenna was damaged at Rosien Towers and has been an integral part of our main repeater system.   * This was installed April 16, 2005
Big Batteries - John Wolters, WB5PBL
10-Feb-2005, John Wolters WB5PBL from the Midland club has donated 2 heavy duty Caterpillar 8D size batteries to SVARA.  These were used for a short time to test backup generators once a month.  They are 210 Ah, maintenance free, 20"x10"x10" and weight 132 lbs.   We intend to use them to backup one of the repeater sites and the Red Cross site.  The Midland club will be using two batteries like these, to backup up their main repeater site.
If know of someone that has contributed that we missed, or you would like to donate to the club, please let us know.