Hemlock Receive Site Repair 
Friday, November 28, 2014



ATTENTION: Temporary repair work has been completed and the site is up (12/19/14)

On Friday November 28, 2014 Jeff KB8SWR, Ron KC8YVF and Dave N8ERL worked to repair the Hemlock receive site for the repeater. The site repeater would receive, but would not transmit.  The working unit from Gera was exchanged with Hemlock and the Hemlock unit will be repaired and installed at the Gera location. Some additional site work will be done in the spring when warmer weather arrives

The equipment is located in a small metal housing inside of a larger metal box on top of the grain elevator. A one man elevator ride will get to the top of the 150 foot structure.  The winds were calm, but the temperature of 24 degrees and light snow made for a chilly work environment.  The switch was complete in about 2 hours.

The receive site repeater

Jeff installing the switched unit

The repeater in place

Vertical receive antenna and corner reflector antenna pointed toward Saginaw