Rosien Tower Guy Wire Installation 
Sunday, August 10, 2014


On Sunday August 10, 2014 Jeff KB8SWR, Ron KC8YVF and Dave N8ERL worked to add guy wires to the North antenna tower at Rosien Towers.  The North tower stands at 40 feet above the main roof line, 22 feet above the elevator roof while the West tower stands at 30 feet above the main roof line and 12 feet above elevator roof.   

Antennas will include a 2 meter repeater, 220 MHz repeater, 440 MHz receive, 2 meter APRS, 2 meter ATV control, 1.2 GHz vertical ATV TX, 440 MHz ATV directional receive with rotor control.

Jeff and Dave working on installing the first of the 3 guy wires on the north tower.

Jeff installing the second guy wire.

Dave looking on while Jeff installs the guy wire at the top of the north tower


Dave N8ERL holding the third guy wire.

Turnbuckle installation