Saginaw County Emergency Operations Center

Furniture and radios installed at the Saginaw County EOC Ham Radio Operations Center

On Saturday August 10th, assistant EC's Tracy Albert and Ron Huss set up the radio room at the County EOC building. The room has been remodeled adding workstations and lockable wall and floor cabinets. There are 4 multiband commercial antennas installed on the roof allowing 2 meter, 440 MHz and 220 MHz communication. The room is currently set up with two Icom 2 meter radios and a Yaesu 857D running 2 meter.

On Saturday September 24, Jeff and Ron continued work on the EOC Radio room. Installed was an Alinco 220 radio with packet board. A Yaesu 857 and 897 HF/ VHF / UHF radios, and 3 computers. Jeff also repaired one of the antenna connections. The EOC is now functional on 2 Meter voice (4 radios), 220 voice (packet in progress). Keith (N8XD) helped configure 2-meter packet for connections to the State EOC.  Future plans are to add an HF antenna to the current antenna installation. The Local Area Network, Internet and printer are also in the works.

At this time only Citizen Corp members with EOC clearance are able to access the building unless prior arrangements are made with the Emergency Managers Office. At some point, we need to add an HF antenna some kind to allow us to use the several HF radios we currently have for use in the EOC. Will have to work that one out with Tim and the other EC's. We will ask for volunteers at that time if needed.