Bay City Club Fox Hunt (Sunday, October 1, 2006)
Meet at Bay City Vets Park

2005 Wicks Park Fox Hunt Results  -- 2005 Tape Measure Yagi Project Page

2006 Fox Hunt in Bay City

Fellow Fox hunters  --  here is another chance for you to try out the cool antennas we built last summer.   Don Brotemarkle in the Bay City club will be holding a fox hunt picnic on October 1, 2006.  It sounds like a lot of fun.  This will be a bigger area than the park we did last year and will involve a little driving.   The Bay City Club will be demonstrating a "fox" and discussing types of antennas to build on Thursday, September 14.  So if you go to the hunt, you'll get to see some other types of fox hunt antennas and how well they work.

For the picnic, bring a dish to pass, hot dogs & pop provided.

More Info from Don...

The Fox hunt will be Oct 1 at 1:00 pm meeting at Vets Park in Bay City, call in will be on the Bay City 36 Repeater.  After  the hunt we will have a picnic, location is part of the hunt ( when you find the "fox" or give up you will find the food) I will be using 2 meters for the beacon, it is controlled by using a basic stamp microcontroller to key, send cw id and beacon tone to to a HT. Beacon will be with in 5 miles of downtown Bay City

Don can be reached at for more information.

What to Bring:

Map, Compass, Handheld Radio Receiver/scanner with S-meter, directional antenna, appropriate cloths for the weather.

What to Expect:

To experiment, and learn about radio direction finding / fox hunting.   We will divide up into groups -- each with an antenna / radio / map / compass.

Map to Starting Point (be here at 1pm):  Map at Google