Holiday in the Heart of the City, Parade
November 20, 21, 2009

On Friday November 20, SVARA was at the Children's Zoo filling out Santagrams for the annual "Holiday in the Heart of the City"
This year we again had the honor of having Jim Wades (WB8SIW) send the Santa Grams directly to to Ed Trump (AL7N) in Fairbanks
Alaska via telegraph.
322 messages were sent via the telegraph connection this year.  The previous high count was approximately 230 messages.  Both 
adults and children participate ... producing sometimes funny, sometimes poignant and sometimes, simply traditional messages.
The messages are still being delivered by Mr. Trump to North Pole, Alaska....Joe Turner
Here are some of the photos of the fun.

On Saturday November 21, SVARA had the trailer downtown on Genesee near TV-5 to fill out Santa Grams.
Mr. Wades also was located at the Castle Museum to send the Santagrams through to Fairbanks.
Video of Jim Wade at he Castel Museum sending Santa Grams. 
"In the short video which follows, Jim Wades, amateur radio call letters 
WB8SIW was in direct contact with L. "Ed" Trump (AL7N) of Fairbanks 
Alaska.  Nine year old Drew McBride, who has operated as a guest 
operator at the Saginaw Valley Amateur Radio Association's "Field Day 
Activities" is filling out a "Santagram".    In the beginning of the 
video he is taking messages from and unidentified young girl and  Drew's 
7 year old brother Adrian McBride..  Joe Turner K8CQF is overseeing the 
children's messages.  Sitting at the right hand of the picture is 
amateur radio operator John Kraemer, (KC8WZM).  John is speaking with an 
unidentified parent and taking a message from another child.

The person shooting the video was Robert Wades, KA8KDR of Owosso, Michigan."
Joe Turner K8CQF