Holiday in the Heart of the City, Parade
November 19, 20, 2010

On Friday November 19, SVARA will be at the Children's Zoo to fill out Santagrams for the annual "Holiday in the Heart of the City"
This year we again have the honor of having Jim Wades (WB8SIW) send the Santa Grams directly to to Ed Trump (AL7N) in Fairbanks
Alaska via telegraph.  The event will run from 6 until 9 PM.
322 messages were sent via the telegraph connection last year.  Both adults and children participate ... producing sometimes funny,
sometimes poignant and sometimes, simply traditional messages.
The messages are still being delivered by Mr. Trump to North Pole, Alaska....Joe Turner
On Saturday November 20, SVARA members and Mr. Wades will be at the Castle Museum to fill out and send the Santagrams through to Fairbanks.  It will be open from noon until 4 PM.

World Radio Online article (page 32)
Photos from Friday night.