SVARA Project Nights

HSMM & 2.4 GHz Cantenna
Monday, December 11, 2006

A dozen SVARA members, a Midland Club VP, and a guest all built Microwave Antennas.  First was a fine presentation by Keith (KB8SOE) on High Speed MultiMedia, then the Other Keith (N8XD) presented details of the 2.4 GHz spectrum, devices that use it, building antennas, and testing them.

Other participants were:  Carl (KC8YVI), Aaron (KD8AVA), Troy (nocall), Ron (KC8YVF), Duane (KD8AUY), Mike (N8XPS), Mike (KD8AUZ), Bill (W8CWD), Bill (KFC), Bob (N8YXR)

Reference Materials from the Class:

Keith (KB8SOE) HSMM Presentation:  (PowerPoint)
Keith (N8XD) 2.4 GHz Presentation (PowerPoint) or (Adobe PDF)
Cantenna Construction Guide with upgrade component plans (Web Site)
Link Budget Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel XLS)
2.4 GHz Avoiding Interference (Adobe PDF)
Conversion Table dBm / uV / Watts (Adobe PDF)
Parabolic Template for Reflection (Picture JPG)
Coax Loss at Microwave Frequencies (Adobe PDF)
The effect of VSWR on Transmitted Power (Adobe PDF)



2.4 GHz Waveguide Antenna (Cantenna) Calculations

Can Diameter

Cutoff Frequency for TE11 mode (lowest frequency) MHz
Cutoff Frequency for TM01 mode (highest frequency) MHz
Guide Wavelength in Inches (2.4GHz wavelength in can) inches
1/4 Guide Wavelength (distance from back to probe) inches
3/4 Guide Wavelength (best if can length is at least) inches
Probe length (2.4GHz 1/4 wave in free space) inches

2.4 GHz SWR Test Jig


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