SVARA Repeaters and Nets

The core of the ATV repeater is operational.  The ATV team has completed about 10% of the installation phase of the project.  Here are the designed frequencies of the system:

ATV Repeater Status (Coming Summer 2007)

Main Site

Input 439.25 MHz AM Fixed UP
Output 1277.25 MHz AM Fixed UP
Output 1280.00 MHz FM Fixed Down

Trailer Site

Input 900 MHz FM Agile Down
Input 1250 MHz FM Agile Down
Input 2390 MHz FM Agile Down
Input 1277.25 MHz AM Fixed Down
Output 439.25 MHz AM Fixed Down

Portable 1.2 GHZ ATV Receive System
Waveguide antenna made from ventilation duct

Installing the first Repeater components
This gives us our first input and output frequencies

Aaron and Bryan Hooking up Equipment

Jeff and Bryan Installing the 1.2 GHz antenna

Internal Repeater Components

at Rosine Towers


Saginaw County and the State of Michigan have agreed to purchase an ATV repeater system out of Federal funds for local hams to provide Emergency Service Video.  We will be working on installation during spring and summer 2007.  The construction should present some great experience opportunities for area ham radio operators.  It's also our intention to provide training and assembly methods to help people build their home stations.

  If you see something that is missing, please let us know.