SVARA 147.240 Repeater Update: February 10, 2024

On Saturday February 10, 2024 members of the SVARA repeater group and friends embarked on a project to upgrade the network cabinet and clean up the installation of the Saginaw 147.24, and 6-meter repeaters and add the new 220 MHz repeater. The plan was to move from the two old cabinets that have been in place for many years to one larger cabinet. Led by Jeff KB8SWR, and repeater committee members Rick KC8VOA, Ron KC8YVF and Mike KD8MMH along with club members Fred KE8QCO and Tom N8EUI the group met at Rosien Towers at 8:30 am to begin the project. They were joined by Randy N8VDS from Flint and Paul KC8ELQ from Bay City.

A new (used) cabinet was acquired through a donation from a group in Detroit. Mike KD8MMH and Tom N8EUI drove down to Detroit on Friday February 9th to pick the new cabinet up.

Here is the work that was completed on Saturday 

Jeff and Randy removing the repeater equipment from one of the old cabinets
Jeff and Randy removing the repeater equipment from the old cabinets and doing general cleanup.

Jeff and Rick fabricating new conduit for the multiple hardline and microwave network cables coming from the towers on the roof at Rosien.
Fred and Ron working on weather proofing the conduit on the roof and preparing the fish tape to bring in the cables.

Jeff, Randy and Fred getting the new cabinet in place

Mike, Paul and Ron getting some new 1/2 inch hardline ready to install.

Jeff up on the main tower to attach new hardline to the 220 MHz antenna. Fred assisted Jeff. A look of the 220 antenna on the main tower and the 2-meter antenna.

Rick bring in the coax and network lines from the roof.

Jeff, Randy and Paul installing the equipment back into the new cabinet.


The finished look.

The work crew cleared the building at 9:30 pm

The cabinet houses the 147.240 SVARA repeater, the SVARA 220 MHz and the 6-meter repeater. The cabinet also includes the 2-meter and 220 MHz CANS.

UPDATES: (2/26/2024)

  • A new POE switch and shorter network patch cables will be added to clean up the wiring. (completed)

  • The new PVC conduit will be painted to match the walls and the board in the ceiling will be painted to match the metal louvers. (completed 3/16/24)

  • The new cabinet did not come with a front door, so a replacement will need to be sourced. (completed 4/13/24)

    A replacement door was located from a ham in Caro, MI. Brent Atkerson KE8CYB had several network cabinets of which one was of the correct size and had a door that would fit. Mike KD8MMH and Ron KC8YVF traveled to Caro on March 16 to pick up the network rack.  Mike and Ron installed the new door on the cabinet on April 13 and is now completed.

  •  New lighting protection devices need to be installed on the 6-meter and 220 repeaters before they can come online.
    • 220 MHz (in progress)
    • 6-meter (in progress)


  If you see something that is missing, please let us know.