Saginaw Simulated Emergency Test

The 2007 SET was held at the MBS airport in Freeland at the old Tri City Drag Strip.  Students were bussed in  to participate as simulated victims.  Firefighters from the surrounding counties came to practice firefighting and rescue techniques on airplanes.   Ham Radio set up stations at the local hospitals, on transport busses and at the main incident scene. 
View more details and event photos for the 2007 SET.

The 2006 Set will be held in Frankenmuth.  This is an exciting time for ham radio operators; and a great chance for us to interact with government agencies and emergency services.   Agencies from all over Saginaw County, plus the Coast Guard, FBI and other federal agencies will be participating in this simulated emergency.  We will be testing the new 220 MHz voice/packet network, Amateur Television, and Transportation Communication methods.  For all the 2006 Details see:  SET 2006 Details / Documents / Drawings and Procedures

Video from 2005 SET (4 Mb)

This is a 2 minute video of 2005 SET.  Aaron  Stella (KD8AVA) did a fantastic job of capturing and preparing this video.  The exercise test scenario was a biohazard at the Chesaning Middle School.

Video from 2004 SET (1 Mb)

This is a short video clip from the 2004 SET.  The exercise test scenario was that 2 planes would crash.  A full size model built for fire fighting practice was stationed at MBS Airport in Freeland.  There was also a fire simulated near the Anderson Water Park in Saginaw.  Video complements of Keith DeLong (N8XD)

Photos from 2005 Fall SET