PSHR - Public Service Honor Roll

   [Turn In Your Monthly Totals On-line!]

It is important for Amateur Radio Operators to keep track of their volunteer hours.  Those hours are assigned a value and can be used as matching dollars for grants and donations.  In addition you can earn awards and appear in the QST public service honor roll column.   The PSHR is operated on the honor system so accurate reporting is important.  Don't over or under estimate.  All of the events we where we perform a service to the community should be counted (even if we receive donations.)   SVARA doesn't operate any fundraisers; though generous recipients of our public service choose to donate to help perpetuate the service.  We use all donated money to make improvements to our public service capabilities.

A guide to the PSHR procedures can be found on the ARRL PSHR webpage.

We have built a  worksheet to help you organize your participation report:

Spreadsheet version to type in items:  pshr-worksheet.xls
PDF Version, to print and hand write in items: pshr-worksheet.pdf

Please turn in your totals to Ron Huss, (KC8YVF)