Winter Field Day 2024
January 27-28 @  Harry Browne Airport

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The Winter Field Day will be held at Harry Browne Airport beginning at 2 PM on Saturday January 27, 2024.  This will be a combined ARES and SVARA event and is open to all operators.  Like the summer field day, we will have multiple stations operating from the airport conference room of the terminal building.  We are planning to man the stations for as long as possible depending on the weather.  Those interested in operation a station, please contact Ron Huss, KC8YVF at

NOTE: antanna setup area will be next to the west side of the airport terminal building.  Will can utilize the fence post for attaching our antenna lines. Operators please keep this in mind when determining your best solution for your antenna setup.

Setup will begin at 10 AM

The 2024 Winter Field Day will be held from 1900 UCT 2:00 EST) Saturday January 27, 2024 through 1900 UCT (2:00 EST) Sunday January 28, 2024.

The object of the event is familiar to most Amateur Radio operators: set up emergency-style communications and make as many contacts as possible during the 24 hour period. The rules encourage as many contacts on as many bands and modes as possible, because during a real emergency, the most important factor is the ability to communicate, regardless of band, mode, distance or weather.

The official rules can be found at Winter Field Day web site and the event is open to all amateurs.

Contest Results:

CW:  26
Phone: 20
Digital: 100
Multipliers: 11
Total Points: 2992


Operate 100% on alternative power (generator/battery)
Operate away from Home
Deploy multiple Antennas (4)
Send and receive at least 1 Winlink email
Operate 6 continuous hours

Log Submitted: WFD Log File

Overall Score is pending


CW - Dave W8DW (Elecraft K2 running 5 watts into a Nelson 6-80 meter end-fed antenna, battery power)
SSB - Ron KC8YVF  (Xiegu G90 running 20 watts into a Nelson 6-80 meter end-fed antenna, battery power)
Digital PSK31 - Tom N8EUI (Yeasu FT450 running 40 watts into a home made 10-80 meter end-fed antenna, generator power)
Digital JS8Call - Fred KE8QCO (Yeasu FT991A running 40 watts into an 10-80 meter end-fed antenna, generator power)
Digital PSK31 - Greg KE8WXJ (Kenwood TS590GS running 40 watts - antenna and power shared with N8EUI)

All computers were running N3FJP's Winter Field Day logging software networked together using a Dell laptop and a Dlink wireless router.

KC8YVF Event Photos