SVARA Field Day 2008
June 28-29 Richland Township Park

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Field Day Photos and Stories from 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004

2008 Field Day Report from Dave, N8ERL
Field Day 2008 was a fine time. Thanks to all of you who participated. The weather was basically good with the only problem being some strong winds on Saturday. We had around 31 participants and seven stations including our GOTA station. It was a classic laid-back and have a good time SVARA Field Day.

Our scores give or take a QSO or so are as follows:
GOTA station (captained by N8XPS) 40 QSOs 40 points
6 meter station (captained by N8ERL) 45 QSOs 45 points
Digital station (captained by N8XD) 111 QSOs 221 points
Club station (captained by N8YXR) 216 QSOs 228 points
40 meter station (captained by W8CWD) 146 QSOs 146 points
15 meter station (captained by W8LVP) 24 QSOs 44 points
10/80 meter station (captained by KC8AUZ) 179 QSOs 214 points
(Some stations had CW and Digital contacts which were worth 2 points)

All told with multipliers and bonus points we claimed 3048 points with 761 total QSOs which is higher than last years 2900 points with 726 QSOs.

Thanks again to everyone, especially to Jeff, KC8BDQ and Judy, KC8BYI for keeping us well fed and to Joe, k8CQF, and Keith, N8XD, whose CW contacts really added to our score. Joe was our roaming CW operator (have key, will travel) and worked with several different stations. Joes granddaughter, Kionna and her friend, Eric were instrumental in having a successful GOTA station. Also, thanks to everyone who helped set up. Its a big help to have those extra hands. Keep that last weekend in June 2009 open and join in the fun.

Station Statistics
Station QSO's Modes Points Low Power Features Earned Points
N8ERL 40 Phone 45 45    
W8CWD 146 Phone 146 146    
Club Trailer 216 Phone 228 228    
N8XD  111 Digital 221 221    
W8LPV 24 Phone 44 44    
KD8AUZ 179 Phone 224 224    
N8XPS 40 Phone, GOTA 40 40    
Total 761 Total 948 948   3048
2008 Photos from N8ERL

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