Previous Presenters
At SVARA club meetings
December 2024 Elections, Pot Luck
November 2024 Board Nominations
October 2024 New and cool gadgets - Everyone
September 2024 Vintage radio/gear Show and Tell, who has the oldest stuff?
August 2024 Ice Cream Social
July 2024 N/A
June 2024 Field Day, W8DW, KC8YVF
May 2024 Personal Radio Services, KC8YVF
April 2024 Michigan QSO Party, W8DW
March 2024 Ham Clock-Geochron, KC8YVF / N8EUI / KD8MMH
February 2024 K8DAC website, KC8YVF
January 2024 Winter Field Day, KC8YVF
December 2023 Elections, Pot Luck
November 2023 Board Nominations
October 2023 RF Exposure Calculations, KC8YVF
September 2023 HT Winlink / APRS Station, KC8YVF
August 2023 Ice Cream Social
July 2023 N/A
June 2023 Field Day, W8DW, KC8YVF
May 2023 State EOC, KC8YVF
April 2023 Michigan QSO Party, W8DW
March 2023 N/A
February 2023 Repeater Basics, KC8YVF
January 2023 Winter Field Day, KC8YVF
December 2022 Holiday Party, Elections
November 2022 Board Nominations
October 2022  
September 2022 Portable Antenna Masts, KD8MMH
August 2022 Ice Cream Social
July 2022 N/A
June 2022 Field Day, W8DW / KC8YVF
May 2022 Public Service Honor Roll and Reporting, KC8YVF
April 2022 Public Service Events - MS Walks, KC8YVF
March 2022 Echolink, KC8YVF
January 2022 Evacuation Go Kits, KC8YVF
December 2021 Holiday Party
August 2021 Ice Cream Social
June 2021 Field Day
February 2020 Auction
December 2019 Holiday Party
August 2019 Ice Cream Social
June 2019 Field Day
April 2018 N8EUI Station
February 2018 Auction
December 2017 Holiday party
August 2017 Ice Cream Social
June 2017 Field Day
February 2017 Auction
December 2016 Holiday party
June 2016 Field Day
May 2016 Repeater Upgrades, Ron KC8YVF
March 2016 Annual Treasurer Report, Duane KD8AUY
February 2016 Auction
December 2015 Holiday party
December 2014 Holiday party
November 2014 Echolink, Ron KC8YVF, Dave W8DW
June 2014 Field Day
February 2014 Auction
December 2012 Holiday party
June 2012 Field Day, Dave W8DW
February 2012 Auction
December 2011 Christmas party
November 2011 Contesting, Dave W8DW
October 2011 TBA
September 2011 Alternative Power, Mike N8XPS
August 2011 501c(3)
July 2011 No presentation
June 2011 Field Day
May 2011 Public Service Honor Roll, Ron KC8YVF
April 2011 TV5 Weather Studio Tour (sign up at March meeting)
March 2011 Echolink, Ron KC8YVF
February 2011 Net Control, Ron KC8YVF
January 2011 Auction
December 2010 Duane (KD8AUY) Year End Club Review
November 2010 Joe (K8CQF) Radio History
October 2010 TBD
September 2010 TBD
August 2010 Dave (W8DW) Field Day
July 2010 No presentation
June 2010 Lou (W8LPV) History of Vescio Supermarkets
May 2010 Joe (K8CQF) Radio History
April 2010 Ron (KC8YVF) APRS and Weather Stations
March 2010 Duane (KD8AUY) The Evolution of Audio Recording
February 2010 Genesee County K9-One Search and Rescue
April 2008 Keith (N8XD) Mobile Radio Ideas
November 2007 Duane (KD8AUY) How TV works
June 2007 Dave Schneider (N8ERL) Field Day
May 2007 Mark Torregrossa - Weather
March 2007 Duane (KD8AUY) Early Broadcast Radio/TV
November 2006 Show and Tell
October 2006 Aaron Stella (KD8AVA), PSA Video
Ron / Aaron - Portable Radio Stations
September 2006 Ron Huss (KC8YVF) SET 2006
June 2006 Field Day & 50th Anniversary Events
May 2006 Greg Surma (K8GL), Miquelon DXpedition
April 2006 SVARA Live Auction
March 2006 Saginaw County EOC, Ron, KC8YVF
October 2005 Cryptography, Jerry, WD8OQH
Enigma Computer Program
Enigma Explained
August 2005 Amateur Radio Public Relations
July 2005 Metro Youth Day
June 2005 Field Day / Radio Direction Finding
May 2005 Public Service Honor Roll
April 2005 Official Observers by Don, N8NJE
March 2005 National Weather Service
February 2005 Weather APRS by Brian, N8AVR